Monday, December 27, 2010

Aunt Sachi's Clam Dip

Anyone who knows me in person might be surprised to know I had a Japanese Great Aunt. By marriage, but still my aunt, she was a quarterly visitor during my growing up years. She and my Uncle Bob taught me to use chopsticks! After over 90 years on this earth she now rests peacefully in Arlington Cemetary next to my uncle, who retired an Army Colonel.

My sister made her clam dip this past weekend, and you should make it for the upcoming Eagles football game or New Years weekend!

2 8oz packages of cream cheese, softened
2-3 cans of chopped clams, drained with juice reserved
1 tablespoon chopped chives (dried or fresh)
1 tablespoon onion soup mix
2 teaspoons hot sauce (Tabasco, for instance)

Mix about half the reserved clam juice into the cream cheese until smoth. Add clams, chives, soup mix and hot sauce. Thin to desired consistency with remaining clam juice. (make it just a little more moist then you think - it will firm up a bit) Refrigerate overnight for best flavor and consistency.

Serve with ripple chips, crackers and/or cut veggies!

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