Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Do you eat Edamame? Perhaps you've tried it as a precursor to sushi, but never thought you could make it at home. These nutritious little soybeans are pretty tasty. But if you can boil water, you can literally make edamame.

Whether you have fresh Edamame from your CSA share, or frozen, it is pretty easy.

1. Choose a pot about twice the size as your bag of edamame.

2. Fill said pot halfway with water.

3. Boil the water. Turn burner to low.

4. Rinse edamame in colander, if fresh. Leave the colander in the sink.

5. Add edamame to boiling water. Go check your email. Put on your slippers. Sort out the junk mail. (any activity you like for about twenty minutes.

6. Drain the edamame, and shake off excess liquid.

Serve in a bowl liberally sprinkled with salt (preferably large salt crystals, like kosher salt flakes). Eat the edamame by squeezing the little beans out of the pods into your mouth. They are very addictive, but yet healthy. High in protein, fiber and Omega 3.
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Vanessa said...

We love it here. It's also great with fresh ground pepper and salt. So yummy!

Anonymous said...

My kids loooooove edamame, but not if I cook it. I get the kind you just thaw and eat, it seems to retain more flavor that way.

Kass said...

mmm... Thanks for reminding me about this. I fell out of eating for a while but I'm going to try getting back into eating it as a healthy snack during the day.