Monday, September 8, 2008

Pasta with Fresh Lima Beans and Pancetta

My CSA share this week included fresh lima beans. I've never cared for them much. I remember swallowing them like pills as a child. But I thought I should give them a fare try.

I had some cubed pancetta and prosciutto (the local farmers markets sells the bits too small to slice at a lower price - like cheese ends, only expensive Italian hams)

First, start a pot boiling with water for your pasta. Send your children or husband out to shell the lima beans.

I started by chopping two small onions into thin half moons. Into the hot pan they went, after a bit of oil:

Add the proscuitto and some onion to the pan to brown, then turn to low:

I soaked some dry mushrooms. Dry mushrooms are a great thing to have in your pantry, because they last for years, and can be used in small quantities. Pre soak them to add like a dish to this - just cover with warm water. If adding to soup, you can throw them right in.

I started the pasta (1/2 pound) in the water, and then added the lima beans:

I added about a cup of white wine to the onion mixture, as well as the reconstituted (but drained) mushrooms. Boil off about half the liquid from the wine.

Add a large spoonful of sour cream:

and some shredded cheese. I used some parmesan, some asiago and a little bit of Chevre from my cheese drawer. You can't see it, but I grated fresh nutmeg on top of the cheese as well.

Drain the pasta and beans, and stir into the creamy onion mixture. Serve with a fork!

I'm very sorry that this mixture didn't show how PRETTY this dish was, with the vibrant light green of the beans.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, but did they still taste like lima beans?