Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Eagles Green: Kale, sausage and chickpea soup

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A hearty winter soup, with lots of healthy leafy greens - and in keeping with our green theme here in Philadelphia!

Start by chopping and sauteeing two large onions, then cooking in a bit of bacon grease or olive oil until translucent:

Dump them into the crockpot.

Peel and chop a one pound carrot:

Oh - you don't have a giant carrot? Then just use a few smaller ones. Add them to the crockpot too.

Brown about two pounds of italian sausage, casings removed. (Hot or sweet? depends - do you like bites of spicy heat in your soup?)

Open and drain two cans of chick peas. Throw them in too. This is the ultra fancy Walmart store brand. We're high fallutin that way.

Wash and rip up a whole bunch of kale. (I would say 8-10 cups of raw leaves) I seasoned with just a touch of salt while cooking. Sautee briefly in a pan, in oil or bacon grease, before adding to crockpot.

To this add 8 -10 cups of liquid - either chicken broth, stock, vegetable broth or just water with concentrated chicken bullion. If you heat the liquid in the microwave first it will save a good bit of time before the soup simmers in the crockpot.

Cook for at least three hours to allow the kale to fully soften and all the flavors to merge. Serve with bread and butter, or popcorn, or crackers, or just a spoon!

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Jerralea said...

Your soup looks yummy! I'd like to try it. Thanks for posting all the pics on how to do it!