Sunday, January 11, 2009

Eagles Green: Pantry Raid Pea Soup

So after baking almost a thousand cookies, fighting a cold, attending Christmas parties, celebrating Christmas with services and family, enjoying trips to NYC and DC in between surprisingly busy work weeks, and trying to catch up on sleep ... I'm finally back!

In the spirit of the Philadelphia region right now, I offer green foods this week. This one fits the bill.

As I came back to my kitchen last week, wanting to make something frugal and at least somewhat healthy, this is what I scrounged up:

A few ham hocks from the freezer. Ham hocks are fairly inexpensive, and wonderful when you want that ham bone flavor in a soup, but don't happen to have a ham bone.

This LOVERLY looking bunch of vegetables. Note the green stuff growing out of the top of the onion. Onion are not dangerous when they have growths like this - just cut out the green parts on the top and on the inside. (on the other hand, I would never BUY one that looked like this ...)

So I chopped the onion, and carrot and celery and shallots and a bit of garlic, the split peas, and threw it in the crockpot along with the ham hocks and this:

a bit of flat champagne. Fill the rest of th way with water. Add salt and pepper, stir it all together, and then cook for about 8 hours on low. If necessary, add some more water and cook longer.

E - A - G -L - E - S!

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Anonymous said...

Champagne? Very interesting!

I think the only Pea Soup I've ever tasted was from a can - and I hated it. I have memories of eating canned pea soup at my grandma's. I'd fill it with crackers to try to improve the taste, only to get a bowl full of cracker-pea-soup-paste, that I STILL was required to eat :)

I really want to try this just to dispel the canned pea soup flavor of the past.

Keep up the good cookin'!