Friday, August 1, 2008

Poutine: junk food, Quebec style

Well I'm off to an amusement park tonight, so posting on a dish based on french fries seems appropriate!

When I was a child my family spent a few summer vacations up on Lake Champlain in Quebec. And I fell in love with a little dish they call Poutine. If you've never tried it, I'm sure it will sound very odd. But if you're the type that likes melted cheese, it's worth trying.


French Fries (I used the frozen type you bake in the oven)

Poutine gravy (from a can or packet)

Cheese curds (cheddar cheese before it is aged)

Bake the french fries. (Or fry them if you've figured out this frying thing better than I) Place the hot fries in a serving dish. Top with the almost boiling gravy, and the gravy will almost completely melt the cheese. Oh so good. Not good for you. But so very very good.


Anonymous said...

Or one large serving of fried from Five Guys - yum!

Anonymous said...

That's FRIES, not FRIED.