Thursday, July 31, 2008

French Bread Pizza


1 loaf French bread


2 small cans tomato sauce (or 2 cans tomato paste and some water)
basil, oregano, salt, pepper, thyme, garlic, onion

(add any other varieties you like: havarti, asiago, parrano, romano, parmesan, cheddar)

sky is the limit! I used zucchini, salami, tomatoes, chicken and carmelized onions on this batch

Cut the French bread in half horizontally, and then in halves lengthwise. Lay on a baking sheet.

Make sauce (or open a jar of pizza sauce - we won't tell!). If you have pesto in the fridge, just mix a couple of tablespoons of that into the tomato and forget the spices. Spread the sauce on the bread.

Add cheese(s) and toppings.

Bake at 400 for about 20 minutes.

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