Thursday, July 24, 2008

Finding Local Produce

I'm not super political about my food. But I certainly recognize the desirability of local food based on freshness, taste, and cost.

So how to find good local produce? Drive down rural highways and stop at farm stands. Make friends with someone who grows zucchini and tomatoes. Visit your local pick-your-own orchard.
If you live in the Western suburbs of Philadelphia like I do, check out my links to the right - Gentiles, Linvilla, Boothscorner Farmers Market, Ardmore Farmers Market, and Wolffs are all wonderful. Reading Terminal Market and the stands at the Italian Market are great if you live in Philadelphia. Farm to City also lists Farmers Markets in the general Philly area.

(By the way if you happen to live in Greenville, SC check out the Farmers Market on Rutherford Rd - it was a favorite of mine early on Saturday mornings during growing season)

These are great links for finding local produce near you (at least if you live in the US):

Local Harvest
Pick Your Own farms
Local Diet 100 Mile Map (just enter your zipcode! Works for Canada too)

Check out my 100 mile radius:

That means I have New Jersey Sweet Corn, blueberries, tomatoes; produce, dairy and even chicken from Lancaster, BLUE CRABS from Maryland .... not bad at all!

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Kass said...

Well, aren't you spoiled in this area? ;)

Too bad Washington's not nearby. You could get fresh salmon.