Saturday, July 5, 2008

Funny Little Cookbook You Don't Need

This is not a recommendation, unless you happen to be a road warrior whose company does not buy your dinner when they send you out of town. In which case, my first recommendation is to find a new job. But if that does not work, then perhaps How To Cook Without A Kitchen might do the trick.

This book will give you useful tips about cooking pasta, soft boiled eggs, asparagus or even nachos using only the tools available in a standard hotel room. Any food normally boiled or steamed is instead cooked by passing water through the filter basket of the coffee maker. I would guess you never considered cooking brocolli in the coffeemaker before, eh? It actually works. For no particularly good reason, I tried it a few years ago when I first bought the book!

Here is a recipe for your consideration, in case you missed the 4th of July picnic due to pressing business concerns:

Hot Dogs

2 hot dogs, cut in half
2 hot dog buns
small packets of mustard, ketchup and/or relish

Place a clean paper filter in the basket of the coffee maker. Place the two hot dogs (cut in half to fit) in the basket. Run 5 cups of water through the coffee maker. Place dogs in buns, and enjoy while browsing

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Anonymous said...

I would hate to be the person making coffee after you made hot dogs or broccoli in there. ;)