Saturday, July 19, 2008

so simple, so good: fruit smoothies

We're having a heat wave here in Philly. Sometimes a big meal just is NOT what you want when it is hot, especially if you are also packing and moving boxes, as we are this weekend.

So this is just a little public service announcement, in case you too tend to forget about the wonder of fruit smoothies.

Things I add (not all at the same time!)

- strawberries
- frozen strawberries
- blueberries
- frozen blueberries
- banana
- frozen banana
- watermelon
- canteloupe
- honeydew
- peaches
- cherries

other additions:
- orange juice
- plain yogurt or greek yogurt
- vanilla yogurt
- soy protein powder (not if I'm serving it the Southerner - it doesn't agree with him)
- vanilla ice cream
- ice

my favorite combos to throw in the blender:

Watermelon, blueberry, vanilla extract and soy protein powder for breakfast

strawberry, a few ice cubes, vanilla ice cream (obviously this is a dessert)

milk, banana

Today's selection:

two bananas, chopped and frozen for a few hours:

about a cup of chopped canteloupe and a handful each of blueberries and raspberries:

four large strawberries

about a cup and a half of orange juice and six ice cubes:

... blend all together and pour into glasses!

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